Division of Social Sciences, Sustainability & Entrepreneurship

Chairperson/ Assoc Professor Dr. Susan Rogers
Division Secretary Coby Low
Michael Bel Assistant Professor
Victorial Ingrassia Assistant Professor
Ron Bernthal Professor
Arthur Riegal Professor
Diane Riegal Professor
Erroyl Rolle Associate Professor
Mark Sanok Professor
Paul Clune Professor
Betsy Conaty Associate Professor
Robert Eiler Jr. Assistant Professor
Dr. Beverly Moore Professor
Lawrence Reeger Assistant Professor

Division of Health, Safety and Wellness

Dianne Czahor Chairperson, Associate Professor
Tina Ross Division Secretary
Cecilia DeCotes Instructor
Nancy Fraley Instructional Assistant
Harriet Koral Associate Professor, Director of Nursing
Dorothy Valese Assistant Professor
Thomas McManus Associate Professor, Director of Respiratory Care
Colease Palmer Associate Professor, Director of Clinical Education for Respiratory Care
Robert Eiler Assistant Professor, Coordinator Criminal Justice
Paul Clune Professor
Betsy Conaty Professor

Division of Liberal Arts and Humanities

Chairperson/Professor Dr. Paul Reifenheiser
Division Secretary Alicia Lanese
Jessica Barkl Assistant Professor
Lisa Caloro Professor
Amy Colón Associate Professor
Dr. Lynne Crockett Professor
James Goodwin Technical Assistant
Scott Healy Associate Professor
Mark Lawrence Associate Professor
Dr. Cindy Linden Professor
Dr. Thomas Martin Associate Professor
Dr. Gabriel Rikard Associate Professor
Dr. Timothy Russell Professor
Anne Ruszkiewicz Associate Professor
Daneryl Weber Assistant Professor

Division of Science, Technology, and Mathematics

Chairperson/Professor Debra Lewkiewicz
Division Secretary Jane Donato
Dr. Syed Abbas Instructional Assistant
Linda Armstrong Associate Professor
Chana Epstein Assistant Professor
Dr. Stuart Gregg Erickson Professor
Dr. Allen Kotun Assistant Professor
Dr. Cynthia Marcello Professor
Dr. Marie-Christine Paupard Associate Professor
David Pollack Professor
Dr. Paul Popieniek Associate Professor
Timothy Redman Associate Professor
Kathryn Scullion Instructional Assistant
Dr. Shirley Sinacore Instructional Assistant
Lisa M. Topolovec Professor