About Grover Martin Hermann, Benefactor

The future of our country is dependent upon an educated citizenry with integrity, convictions and constructive ambition.”1

Grover Martin Hermann, Benefactor

This brief sentence sums up the personal philosophy of Mr. Grover M. Hermann and explains the dedication with which he is sharing the fruits of a successful business career to help build for that future.

“Sullivan County Community College has received a gift from Mr. Hermann of $500,000, an amount which [New York] State will match with a grant of equal size. In appreciation of this gift, the Board of Trustees has voted to name the new college library the Hermann Memorial Library. Mr. Hermann also contributed $150,000 toward the purchase of the four hundred acres in Loch Sheldrake which will serve as the new site of the college.

“Because he was brought up in Callicoon, Mr. Hermann has been understandably generous to that area. His gifts there include $400,000 to the new satellite hospital of the Community General Hospital of Sullivan County [now Catskill Regional Medical Center], a new building for the youth center, a language laboratory for St. Joseph’s Seraphic Seminary, as well as contributions to the manses of the Callicoon Methodist and Hortonville Presbyterian Churches.

“Mr. Hermann is a man who has not forgotten the scenes and neighbors of his youth, and we are all beneficiaries.”

The above text is an excerpt from a 1970 news release issued by the college about the generosity of Grover Martin Hermann, a successful businessman and philanthropist from Sullivan County and a founder of the Martin Marietta Corporation (now Lockheed Martin).

1Grover Hermann’s words as quoted in: Pendley, Evelyn Hoge. “A Man Who Cares For Others: Grover M. Hermann.” Berry Alumni Quarterly/Southern Highlander (May 1970), p. 3.

Guide for Visitors

The Hermann Memorial Library welcomes guests who are not students, faculty or staff to utilize the library’s collections and computers in accordance with the following guidelines.

Library Collections

Guests have access to the Library’s book, periodical and database collections as well as study rooms for individual use during their visits to the Library. This includes access to the E-Book collections. Additionally, Sullivan County residents may obtain a county patron book borrower’s card for a yearly membership fee of $10. To obtain a card, a county patron must present adequate documentation to prove county residency. Acceptable documentation includes:


County patrons may check out up to eight books at a time. Book loans are for 21 days. Loans may be renewed three times as long as no one else has requested the items. County patrons may be billed for any lost, damaged or long overdue loans. County patron cards also allow the user to utilize interlibrary loan (ILL) service to obtain books and journal articles from other libraries. County patrons may borrow up to two ILL books at a time.

WiFi Access

The Library is a WIFI enabled zone, as is the area outside the Library’s entrance. Guests may log in and access the WIFI network using the “WIFI Guest” option. No password is required.

Library Computers

Library computers are intended for Internet and database research as well as email access, and are to be used primarily for research purposes. In order to track usage, guests must sign in and may be asked to show a picture ID before staff members log them on to the computers if they are available: priority is always given to our students in seating. Computer privileges for county patrons and guests do not include printing or access to word processing software or other programs. An exception is prospective students and their families, who will be permitted to print what is necessary for their application process. All policies as outlined in the “SUNY Sullivan Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy,” the “SUNY Sullivan Computer and Network Use Policy for Non-Students” and “Computer Rules in the Library” are applicable. These documents are available in the library or on the college website.

For additional computer time and access to word-processing software, guests also may utilize the campus computer labs for $5 per hour. Payment should be made at the student billing counter in Gold Founders Hall (lower J building) during their regular business hours of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

Library Mission and Goals

Library Mission

In support of the educational mission of Sullivan County Community College, the Hermann Memorial Library provides library users with access to collections of relevant print, video and electronic resources; reference service and information literacy instruction as well as spaces conducive to studying and research. It also assists the college in the effort to recruit and retain students.

Library Goals

  1. Provide library users with access to collections of relevant print, video and electronic resources.Objectives:
    1. Select and provide appropriate learning resources required by students, faculty and the public in all the curricula, continuing education and community-oriented college programs.
    2. Obtain and house videos in support of classroom instruction.
    3. Organize, house and manage all collections in a bibliographically accessible and useful way.
    4. Borrow materials from other libraries, when necessary, to supplement our collections in support of users’ needs through participation in resource-sharing programs.
    5. Select and facilitate access to computerized full-text services and research databases.
    6. Maintain a library web page that provides access and guidance to online research and Internet resources.


  2. Provide library users with outstanding reference service and information literacy instruction.Objectives:
    1. Assist library users in finding information contained in the library’s print and electronic collections as well as in remote resources delivered over the Internet.
    2. Instruct and guide all college constituencies in the uses of collections, in methods of research and in the application of new information technologies to learning.
    3. Be a center of information literacy education on the college campus.
    4. Publish bibliographies and other informational and instructional research guides in support of curricula and the broad educational mission of the college.


  3. Maintain a comfortable, safe and enriched learning environment and study spaces for individuals and small groups.
  4. Assist the college in the recruitment and retention of students.Objectives:
    1. Attract library users from the community with our county patron library card and from local high schools through class visits to the library in order to increase exposure of the college to county citizens.
    2. Participate in appropriate campus recruitment events such as campus tours and fairs.
    3. Excel in providing courteous and helpful customer service through a knowledgeable and well-qualified staff to assist in the retention of students.

Library Policies

Library Staff

Director of Library Services

Evangela Q. Oates
Room E106
(845) 434-5750 ext. 4208
Contact for library administration & collection development

Public Services Librarian

Gregory Carr
Room E108
(845) 434-5750 ext. 4227
Contact for reference service and information literacy instruction.

ILL Specialist

Theresa Davis
Room E104
(845) 434-5750 ext. 4389
Contact for interlibrary loan.

Technical and Systems Adjunct Librarian (Part-time)

Aaron Smith
Room E107
(845) 434-5750 ext. 4226

Reference Librarian (Part-time)

Richard Arnold
Room E104
(845) 434-5750 ext. 4389

Reference Librarian (Part-time)

John Klingner
Room E104
(845) 434-5750 ext. 4389

Reference Librarian (Part-time/Evenings)

Lynn Miller
Room E104
(845) 434-5750 ext. 4389

Reference Librarian (Part-time/Evenings)

Leslie Fishman
Room E104
(845) 434-5750 ext. 4389

Library News

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Printable Forms for Reserve Materials (for teachers to request items be put on or taken off reserve shelf)

Print off the appropriate form and submit the completed request to library staff at the circulation desk before March 9th, 2015 for spring semester.

Library Reserve Submission Form. For professors to request items to be put on the reserved readings shelf.

Library Reserve Removal Form. For professors to request items to be removed from the reserved readings shelf.