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ENG 2005 - Composition II | Credits 3
This course emphasizes analytical skills in both writing and reading. Students write and revise analytical and argumentative essays and a research paper. Prerequisite: ENG 1001  Composition I (or its campus equivalent) with a C or higher or permission of the instructor.
PLA 2310 - Legal Writing | Credits 4
Legal writing is a 4-hour, writing-intensive course in which students learn the basic elements of legal prose. They gain further experience in legal research which is then applied to preparing basic legal documents in a variety of substantive areas of the law: letters, pleadings, motions, case briefs, trial and appellate briefs, and internal and external memoranda of law. Students must have earned a grade of “B” or higher in ENG 1001, and a grade of “C” or better in POL 1350. Prerequisites: ENG 1001 Composition I, ENG 2005 Composition II, PLA 1104 Legal Research, and POL 1350 Introduction to American Law