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Meet Alicia Poyser. Alicia attended SUNY Sullivan in 2001, pursuing her GED through the 24 Credit Hour Program while also taking classes towards her Associates degree. Not to mention while living on a college campus for the first time a few hours from her home in Brooklyn.

Rose Hanofee, SUNY Sullivan’s Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences who was, at the time, an Advisor in the Learning Center, remembers Alicia having to move back home.

“But she continued to take classes online which is how we stayed in touch,” recalls Hanofee, “and I’m proud to share that this lady persisted to completion and now holds a Bachelors degree from SUNY Purchase in Journalism and a minor in Political Science. She has one more year to go with her Masters in Special Education and Secondary Education, 1-6, and recently passed her EAS exam! Her goal is to obtain her teachers certification by June of this year.”

Way to go Alicia, SUNY Sullivan is proud of you!