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Students with documented ‘Special Circumstances’ and or other circumstances beyond your control tied to COVID-19, that negatively affects you/your family’s financial situation may want to consider a federal Professional Judgement Appeal. SUNY Sullivan’s Financial Aid Office may be able to review your special circumstances to adjust the amount of federal financial aid you receive or would have received for the 2021-2022 academic year.

If your family has experienced a change in income due to unusual or special circumstances due to the pandemic, the SUNY Sullivan financial aid office has Professional Judgement and U.S. Department of Education guided flexibility to re-evaluate your situation for the following reasons:
 Loss of job or permanent/indefinite reduction of work hours
 Separation or divorce
 Death of a member of your immediate family
 High non-reimbursed medical expense.
 Your parents took money out of their pension/retirement plan as a one-time payment to help cover expenses
 Other documented special circumstances outside of the student’s control

If you would like to apply for an American Rescue ACT Special Circumstance Professional Judgement Appeal Review please click on the link below and download the form. Please remember that all of the required documentation must be submitted with the appeal form. You may mail, fax, email, or drop off your completed Request For Special Conditions along with all the required documentation to the Financial Aid Office.

Mailing: 112 College Road Loch Sheldrake, NY 12759 Attn
Fax: 845-434-0014
Cover Letter: American Rescue ACT- Last Name of Student & ID #
Subject: American Rescue ACT- Last Name of Student & ID#

Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing time. The Financial Aid Office will email you once the appeal has been complete.

If you have a zero Expected Family Contribution (EFC) on the FAFSA, you are already receiving the maximum in federal grants. However, if you or your family have documented, COVID caused loss of income, resulting in an educational expense that is no longer accurately reflected in your calculated Cost of Attendance (COA), you can submit a Professional Judgement-Cost of Attendance Appeal. If that situation applies to you, please describe in detail the COA budget component that needs to be considered for a potential adjustment and increase in aid funds. To view your EFC log into Or refer to your Student Aid Report (SAR) that was emailed to you when completing the FAFSA. Furthermore, you must be an enrolled student to qualify for a Professional Judgement Appeal. There are other available programs available to assist you at SUNY Sullivan. Click here for one of many additional services available to assist students at SUNY Sullivan. SUNY Sullivan Food Pantry is always available to assist students. For more information please click here.

Please note: Although Federal Financial aid appeal decisions (Special Circumstances) are at the discretion of the campus and are based on guidance provided by the U.S. Department of Education and are completed on a case-by-case basis with all decisions considered final, SUNY Sullivan is compelled to make every effort to assist students in need. Once a student submits their special circumstance form they will be informed of a decision within 10-15 business days.

Request For Special Condition