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Set Up Personal Preferences

Personal Dashboard – Overview
Create a Personal Profile
Manage Notifications
Manage Account Settings

Working with Grades

Understanding the Grades Tool
Transfer Quiz Grades to Your Grade Book
Enter Grades
Assignments (Dropbox) – Grade Submissions in Assignments
Understand and Modify the Class Progress Page
Class Progress – Use and Modify the Class Progress Report
Content Topic Completion Tracking
Competencies – Overview


Create an Announcement
Delete and Restore Announcements


Preview Quiz as a Learner
Reset Quiz Attempt for Learner
Use Private Discussions for Journaling
Incorporate Activities
Add an Existing Activity
Google Apps Widget
Manage Files – Upload a File and Add it as a Content Topic
Add a Rubric to an Existing Activity

Working with Groups

Create a Group
Modify Group Enrollment
Delete a Group or Category

Video Assignments

YouSeeU – In-Class Assignments
YouSeeU – Individual Video Assignments
YouSeeU – Question and Answer Authentic Assessment
YouSeeU – Sync Activity
YouSeeU – Video Case Response Assignments
YouSeeU – Conversation Assignments
YouSeeU – Virtual Classroom for Instructors
YouSeeU – Group Project Assignments


Create a Submission Folder and Enable TurnItIn
TurnItIn Integration – Exempt Individual Learners from TurnItIn


Assignments (Dropbox) – Create a Submission Folder
Assignments (Dropbox) – Grade Assignment Submissions Offline
Assignments (Dropbox) – Associate a Submission Folder with a Grade Item
Assignments (Dropbox) – Add Restrictions to a Submission Folder


Awards – Manually Issue an Award
Awards – Add a Release Condition to an Award
Awards – Create a Certificate
Awards – Create a Badge
Awards – Revoke an Award