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  1. What address can I ship packages to during the school year for my student?

    a. Your Students Name
    48 Lawrence Cooke Dr.
    Loch Sheldrake, NY 12759

  2. What address do I send mail to for my students?

    a. Your Students Name
    48 Lawrence Cooke Dr.
    Loch Sheldrake, NY 12759

  3. Are both the residential facilities co-ed?

    a. Yes, Lazarus Levine has single gender wings in the building, but the floors may be co-ed. Eco Green Townhouses are typically comprised of (based on demand for housing) of a male townhouse, a female townhouse and a co-ed townhouse. The rooms are single gender, but the floors may have both male and females living on them.

  4. How do I apply for housing?

    a. After you have applied for admission to the college, please follow these steps to apply for housing. First, log into Click on the “OneStop” Tab. Then click Online Forms (located on the left). Finally, select the Housing Application for 2021-22.

  5. How much does it cost to live on campus?

    a. The cost of a double room in Lazarus Levine is $3,758 a semester. A single (extremely limited availability) in Lazarus Levine is $4,376 a semester. Students that reside in the Lazarus Levine residence hall are required to have a campus meal plan. The cost of internet is included.

    b. Students living in the Eco Green Townhouses will be housed in either double or triple rooms and the cost is $4,134 per semester, plus an additional $50 a semester internet. Students who live in Eco Green Townhouses are NOT required to have a meal plan due to the fact that each townhouse has a full kitchen. If a student chooses to they may purchase a full meal plan, or they may purchase commuter meal plans at a reduced cost.

  6. Are there requirements to live on campus?

    a. Yes, you must be a registered full time (12 or more credits each semester) and maintain a 2.0 GPA after your first semester. In addition, you must stay in good conduct standing.

  7. Are the residence halls open during breaks?

    a. No, our residence halls are not open during winter, spring or summer breaks.

  8. May I move my student in early for the start of the semester?

    a. No, due to scheduling and building maintenance we unfortunately cannot accommodate early move-ins for either the Fall or Spring semester.

  9. When do the residence halls open?

    a. The residence halls open for NEW students on Friday, August 27, 2021 and for RETURNING students on Saturday, August 28, 2021. New students MUST move in on the 27th as they need to attend the mandatory orientation that weekend.

  10. Do I need to have a meal plan?

    a. If you are a resident in Lazarus Levine Residence Hall you must have a meal plan purchased through American Dining Creations. Residents in Lazarus Levine do not have access to kitchen facilities. If you are a resident in the Eco Green Townhouses, you are not required to purchase a meal plan (for 14, 16 or 19 meals per week), as there are full kitchens in each house (you must supply your own kitchen utensils and food). Residents in Eco may purchase full or partial meal plans if they would like to do so.

  11. Can I have a single room?

    a. We have limited single rooms (8) and most of them are reserved for special accommodations/medical singles. If they are not needed for serious medical conditions, then they will become available at the 2nd week of school. Priority will be given to returning students on the singles waiting list.

  12. Can I choose my roommate?

    a. Yes, if you and a friend are both attending Sullivan, when you each complete your housing application there is a space for you to write in each other’s names as a request. Please keep in mind, a request is just that, all attempts will be made to honor the request, but the later the applications are completed and received the more difficult it is to house students with their requested roommate.

  13. What happens if my student and his/her roommate don’t get along?

    a. If there is a conflict between roommates, students may first speak with their Resident Assistant (RA) on their wing to complete a Roommate Contract and mediation. All RAs are trained to facilitate roommate mediations and conflicts to best serve both students. Should your student and their roommate continue to not get along after a contract is established, your student may then work with the Resident Director of their residence hall to work on completing a room change.

  14. Can I have a pet in my room?

    a. You may have fish in your room. The only pets allowed in the residence halls are fish bowls/tanks (not to exceed 10 gallons). They may ONLY house fish in them; turtles, crabs, etc are not welcome.

  15. Do I have to attend orientation?

    a. Yes! You must attend orientation as a first year student at Sullivan, even if you are a transfer student we mandate that you attend orientation. Why? Because we want to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

  16. Will financial aid cover the cost of my meal plan and housing?

    a. Financial Aid covers the cost of your tuition first, and then whatever may be left after those expenses are covered will be applied to the cost of your housing and meal plan. Many times students/families need to plan on taking out loans to assist in covering costs. For further information please contact that Office of Financial Aid at

  17. How and when will I be notified of my housing placement?

    a. Housing is done on a rolling basis throughout the summer. The first round of housing placements are generally mailed mid-July and will continue throughout the summer until opening weekend in August.

  18. What can I bring?

    a. Things to Bring

  19. What should I leave home?

    a. Prohibited Item List.

  20. How do I do my laundry?

    a. A laundry facility is available in the building. The washers and dryers are operated via a web-based app that students can put on their phones.

  21. Does someone clean our rooms for us?

    a. No, regardless of what building you live in- the student is responsible for cleaning their room. There are cleaners that clean the common spaces and the bathrooms, but we ask that students be respectful and clean up after themselves in these spaces as well.

  22. Is there security in the buildings?

    a. Yes, in Lazarus the front desk is staffed 24/7 with security staff. The townhouses do not have a security desk due to the set-up of the building.

  23. If something breaks in my room, what I do?

    a. You will need to visit the RA, RD or Associate Dean’s Office in Lazarus I. Levine (even if you live in the Townhouses) and complete a maintenance slip work order.

  24. What’s an RCR?

    a. An RCR is a Room Condition Report that you will sign when you move into your room. It lists the condition of your room and the furniture at the time of move in. When you move out of your room, you will fill it out a second time to compare the condition of the room and the furniture. These reports are used to help our office during damage billing at the end of the semester/year. Please pay special attention to your RCR. You will want to note any/all damage at check in.

  25. Do I need renters insurance?

    a. Work with your parents to see if your belongings are covered under their homeowners/renters insurance before purchasing your own policy. The college and the Dormitory Corporation are not liable for any damages to your property during your time here.

  26. If I’m over the age of 21, can I have alcohol or cannabis in my room?

    a. No! SUNY Sullivan is a dry campus regardless of your age. You are not allowed to have alcohol or alcohol paraphernalia/cannabis or cannabis paraphernalia in your room.

  27. Where do I get my student ID? What If I lose it, how much does it cost?

    a. You will get your student ID during Move-In Day. Your first ID is free, after that replacement ID’s will cost you $10 each.

  28. Do I get my deposit back at the end of every year?

    a. No, you pay your damage deposit once and the Dormitory Corporation will hold it the entire time you are a resident here. If, you are charged for damages during your first year- you will be required to make the deposit whole again before the start of your second year. Once closing has occurred, damage billing is done and we are notified that you do not plan to return, all deposits are returned via check to the address we have on file for you.

  29. Why do I need to pay a damage deposit?

    a. You are required to pay a damage deposit in the event that any damages occur in common spaces in the building, or there are damages/cleaning fees to the furniture or surroundings of your room.

  30. If I live in Eco Green Townhouses are kitchen accessories provided?

    a. No, you will need to provide your own pots, pans, dishes and utensils.

  31. Can I leave my belongings in my room over the summer for when I return?

    a. No, unfortunately we do not have the space and resources to store any personal belongings over the summer break. If you would like to store your belongings near SUNY Sullivan, please look to local storage facilities. To save on the cost, students may think of splitting the cost of one unit with a roommate or friend for the summer.