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Campus-wide Network Acceptable Use Policy

SUNY Sullivan Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy

This is the SUNY Sullivan policy for the acceptable use of computers and networks made available to faculty, staff, students, contractors, consultants, vendors and other eligible community members. The act of accessing your computer account represents your acceptance of this policy. You are expected to abide by its contents.

Computer networks have been established for the enrichment of learning at SUNY Sullivan. In this resource, there exists material which may be considered pornographic, racist, or in other ways
offensive. This policy addresses acceptable use of SUNY Sullivan computer resources and the responsibilities of the College to prevent their misuse. The use of SUNY Sullivan computers and networks is a privilege rather than a right. Users of SUNY Sullivan computer resources who violate the following guidelines may lose this privilege.

User Responsibilities

The Network Administrators’ Prerogatives and Responsibilities