Frequently asked questions

What is Academic/Financial Aid Probation?

Students are placed on academic/financial probation for poor grades in a semester. This is an early alert. During the period that students are in this status, they can attend full or part-time but are on trial and must prove themselves academically eligible to continue at SUNY Sullivan. Students placed on academic probation during the previous semester are required to meet the cumulative SUNY Sullivan credit standards indicated in the Academic and Financial Aid Chart.

How will I know if I am on Academic/Financial Aid Probation?

Notification is always sent to students by mail soon after a semester ends. Students are strongly encouraged to log on My SUNY Sullivan to check their academic status at the end of every semester. The notation ‘Probation: Academic Probation’ will appear on your unofficial transcript, which can also be accessed via My SUNY Sullivan.

Why am I on Academic/Financial Aid Probation?

At the conclusion of the semester your overall GPA and/or your total attempted credits vs your total earned credits did not meet the minimum requirement to be in good academic standing at SUNY Sullivan.

I received a letter stating that I am on Academic/Financial Aid Probation now what do I do?

Call the Learning Center at 845-434-5750, extension 4242 or 4328 or email to reach a probation mentor coordinator.

An advisor will help you revise your schedule to repeat as many F’s as possible (if necessary) or make a schedule, and explain the Academic Improvement Plan that you will need to complete so you can return to SUNY Sullivan next semester.

What is an Academic Improvement Plan?

An Academic Improvement Plan is similar to a contract. It outlines the steps you will take during the next semester to improve your academics. It should be taken very seriously.

What does my Career GPA mean?

Your career GPA (Grade Point Average) is the total average of your grades for all classes attempted within our campus. Your career GPA can go up or down depending on how you do in each semester. Calculate your GPA and make GPA projections, so you can know exactly what grades you need to earn.

How can I return to good academic standing and get off Academic/Financial Probation?

You will return to good academic standing if you meet the following criteria:

Developmental courses do not count.

I received good grades this past semester, why am I still on probation?

Although you have done better academically during your most recent semester it may not have been enough to bring your career GPA up to the minimum required or raised your accumulated credits to the minimum percentage required. You will be automatically taken off of probation once you become in good standing with the college. A letter will be sent out notifying you of your academic accomplishment at the end of each semester.

I haven’t been enrolled at SUNY Sullivan for a long time, why did I receive a probation letter?

All previous semesters of enrollment are part of your permanent record at SUNY Sullivan. Past semesters and new semesters will reveal an accurate history of your cumulative record. Your past academic history may have an effect on current probationary status.

I didn’t attend the classes I was enrolled in this past semester, how can I be on probation?

If you registered for classes and failed to officially withdraw, you may have received F’s from your instructors. It is your responsibility to officially withdraw from classes by dropping the class online or completing a drop form and submitting it to the Registration office before the deadline. Please check the deadline for drops and withdrawals on the Academic Calendar.

For personal reasons I could not finish the semester and turned in a withdrawal form before the final day to withdraw, why did I receive a probation letter?

Even if you withdraw from courses, they are still considered ‘attempted’ credits that are not earned and may have affected your academic status.

I am only taking classes for credit and/or personal interest and am not pursuing a degree or certificate. Can I be taken off your list?

Unfortunately our computer generated program has no way of determining a student’s personal pursuits. We are required to inform all students when they fall into a probationary category. A letter will be sent out for all probation statuses.

What if I had personal problems that have affected my grades this semester?

Unfortunately outside factors can impede your academic success. The financial/academic probation program is designed to give students another semester to work toward raising their GPA.

Does probation affect my financial aid?

Financial aid students must follow the satisfactory academic progress standards established by the financial aid office.

Students on Academic/financial aid probation are eligible to receive Federal Pell Grants and Federal Direct Loans. However, eligibility for New York State Tap Grants follow a different SAP Chart. You should email the Financial Aid Office at if you have questions.

Can I retake a course to replace my previous poor grade(s)?

Yes. If a student retakes a course in which they received a poor grade, as of fall 2016, only the highest valid grade counts in the career GPA. It is recommended to speak to an advisor to determine whether a class is worth repeating. Students should also check with financial aid to see if/how a repeated course will affect aid at

What happens if I don’t meet the requirements of my Academic Improvement Plan while I am on Financial/Academic Probation?

Students who don’t meet the requirements of their Academic Improvement Plan will receive a letter at the end of the semester stating that they have been ‘Academically Dismissed’. Students placed on academic dismissal may not register as a full time student at SUNY Sullivan until they are back in good standing, or have been granted an appeal. During dismissal, students may register part time at SUNY Sullivan or elsewhere (although financial aid may not be available). If a student retakes a course in which they received a poor grade, the poor grade will still appear on the transcript but only the higher grade is factored into the career GPA calculation. A student placed on academic dismissal must apply to the Admissions Office for re-admittance. Upon acceptance, the student will be placed on academic probation.

What are the consequences of being on Academic Dismissal?

Consequences include but are not limited to:

Appeals and reinstatement

Students who are placed on academic dismissal are notified via mail. The notification includes the process for appealing the academic dismissal to the Committee on the Standing of Students and Academic Appeal.