Envisioning a Future SUNY Sullivan

In spring 2012, the Faculty Council recommended to the board and administration that an appreciative inquiry process be used in developing the strategic plan that is a requirement for attaining Middle States re-accreditation. That recommendation is now being realized.

On January 17 & 18, 2013, Wellspring and Weisman, consultants specializing in AI, guided a group of faculty, staff, and community members through an Appreciative Inquiry to identify the capacity, needs, and directions of the college moving forward as a contributing member of the greater community. The process was based on AI’s two deceptively simple concepts: “What you seek, you find more of” and “People commit to what they create”. All agreed that the enthusiasm and innovative ideas generated during the forum demonstrated the power of the campus community.

The college is planning additional, 3-hour forums for community members and college faculty and staff which were unable to attend the initial event, as well as forums for students. The additional sessions are a conscious effort to ensure that the AI process includes valued input from all members of the campus community.

This section of the Strategic Planning & Institutional Assessment intranet page provides the internal campus community with information on the AI process. It includes background information, results to date, and future actions and activities.

We hope you will take the time to get familiar with AI, learn about how it is being used to envision a future SUNY Sullivan, and get involved in creating our future!

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