Federal Satisfactory Progress

Satisfactory progress for federally funded programs must be made to maintain eligibility for federal Title IV financial aid (Federal Pell Grant, Federal Academic Competitive Grant, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal College Work Study, Federal Teach Grant, Federal Direct Loan Program and Federal Direct Parent’s Loans for Undergraduate Students).

Federal law requires that students receiving funds under Title IV must complete their educational program within a time frame no longer than 150% of the published length to earn a certificate or associate degree. For purposes of determining eligibility, satisfactory progress is defined as not only being in good academic standing as defined by the college but also accumulating a minimum number of credits toward the certificate or degree with a minimum grade point average as defined in the satisfactory progress chart.

All periods of attendance and credits attempted count toward the time frame, regardless of whether the student received federal Title IV aid for that attendance.

For example, for a certificate requiring 30 credits, a student could not attempt more than 45 credits to complete the certificate. For an associate degree requiring 64 credits, a student could not attempt more than 96 credits to complete the degree.

Students earning an associate degree in one program and entering a second associate degree program will be eligible for federal aid for 150% of the credits needed to complete the second degree.

Transfer students will be eligible for federal aid for 150% of the Sullivan credits needed to earn the associate degree after determining the transfer credits accepted toward the degree.

Satisfactory Progress Chart for Federal Title IV Aid

Total Credits Attempted Minimum Credits Accumulated Minimum GPA
0-11 0 0
12-21 30% 1.0
22-27 40% 1.3
28-39 50% 1.5
40-57 55% 1.7
58-80 60% 2.0
81-90 65% 2.0
91-96 67% 2.0
Does NOT count Developmental