All new incoming full-time and part-time students are advised and registered with a Staff Advisor in the Learning Center once they are admitted to SUNY Sullivan. Students are given an Advisor in their chosen field of study. Advisors are listed on students’ schedules. Advisors have office hours listed on office doors.

Mission Statement

SUNY Sullivan Faculty Advisors choose to advise to connect with students and because of their desire to see them succeed. Students are assigned Faculty Advisors who teach in their programs of study so they can offer quality, comprehensive advisement. All programs are represented by at least one Faculty Advisor with Staff Advisors available to serve as back-up during winter and summer breaks. Advisors support students throughout their careers at SCCC by providing guidance on course selection and career choices, and referring to appropriate resources as needed.

Advising Information

Students must work collaboratively with their Advisor:

Student information on Campus web consists of: current schedule, unofficial transcript, 3rd and 5th wk reports midterm and end of semester grades. Students can obtain passwords/ID#’s from their advisors. When advising/registration begins students are asked to make an appointment with their advisor. Financial information is available on the Campus web. When preparing for your next semester classes Advisors will have dates and times on office doors for students to signup. When registering for classes online students should discuss their schedules with their Advisor prior to registration. Students must follow the correct track sheet to stay on track for graduation.

*Students’ Advisors are listed on their schedules. If they do not know who their advisor is, they can contact any division secretary or the Learning Center can assist.

*During Winter/Summer breaks the Learning Center assists with advising registration for all new/continuing students. Below is a list of Learning Center staff advisors w/titles and phone extensions.

*Registration for continuing and new students begins in April and November. Please refer to the Registration home page for further information.

Staff Advisors located in the Learning Center

Staff Advisors
NamePhoneEmail Title
Jennifer King4335jking@sunysullivan.eduDirector of Learning & Student Dev. Services, Counselor        
Lynn Leibowitz-Whitehead4328lleibowitz-whitehead@sunysullivan.eduADA Counselor
Kelsey Naylor knaylor@sunysullivan.eduCounselor
Klu Padu4202kpadu@sunysullivan.eduCareer Placement and Transfer Advisor
Tammy Porter4461tporter@sunysullivan.eduCoordinator of First Year Experience/Academic Advisor
Kathryn (Kate) Salmonsen4241ksalmonsen@sunysullivan.eduRetention Coordinator