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Chartwells Dining Services at SUNY Sullivan participates in all of the following Sustainability practices in an effort to positively impact our environment and our community.

Project Green Thumb

A campaign enacted by Chartwells to be more responsible in thought and in action regarding green practices, Project Green Thumb is an all-encompassing movement. We have programs that ensure all daily operations are managed according to our green standards to help reduce all forms of waste and increase efficiency. Chartwells also works to teach both associates and students about initiatives relating to recycling, re-using and composting.


We are working extensively to reduce food waste matter by implementing a proprietary waste reduction program. Trim Trax, a food waste reduction program and green initiative, noticeably cuts operating costs as well as reduces our carbon footprint in landfills. The program tracks and measures food waste and waste costs in production waste, overproduction, and unused/outdated inventory. At SUNY Sullivan, we are helping to launch an on-campus composting facility.

Waste Reduction

As part of our attempt to reduce waste, we implemented a new policy of only providing compostable cups and paper dishes, as well as biodegradable utensils, as “take away” dishes at all dining facilities. In addition, we use packaging from plant based renewable resources. We are also piloting the use of various reusable items.

Total Health

We are committed to providing for our students facilities that are both environmentally as well as health-conscious, and encourage healthy eating habits.

All oils used in our kitchens have been transitioned to Zero Trans-Fat oils. We also only use and provide spreads with 0 grams of trans fat per serving and will not use products containing saturated fats when unsaturated fats are available.

Chartwells’ Nurture Our World program helps you make sensible choices about what you eat and keeps you informed with nutrition tips to promote a healthy lifestyle. The program features balanced choice foods which are reduced in fat, calories, sodium or cholesterol. We also support Terra Ve, a vegetarian and vegan program with more than 200 recipes that appeal to herbivores and omnivores alike.

Local and Organic Foods

Chartwells supports the preservation of the American family farm, reducing the carbon footprint of our supply chain and giving back to the local communities. In collaboration with our partners at the Institute of Agricultural Trade policy, we are seeking to reduce our dependence on factory farming and to partner with qualified local and regional growers. We encourage the development of relationships with local farms whenever possible. At SUNY Sullivan, our goal is to purchase 50% of our foods for local and/or organic farms.

Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Our organic coffee suppliers are Fair Trade, an organized social movement that aims to help producers in developing countries and promote sustainability. Chartwells supports the organization’s goal of increased pay for producers as well as higher social and environmental standards in areas of production.

Sustainable Seafood

A sustainability seafood policy implemented in partnership with Seafood Watch, eliminating “avoid” species on the Monetary Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch list, and increasing the use of “best choices” species. This program has replaced Atlantic cod with the more environmentally friendly Pacific cod, Pollack, and other alternatives in our dining halls. We also plan to decrease the use of shrimp and salmon that are farmed in an unsustainable manner.

Antibiotic/ Hormone Free Foods

We only serve chicken and turkey that has been produced with restricted use of antibiotic drugs, especially as a growth additive in feed. Our contracted suppliers are required to provide products that adhere to specific criteria developed in partnership with The Environmental Defense Fund.

Because of the scientific demonstration that the use of artificial growth hormones in dairy cows is detrimental to the well being of the animal, we serve only fresh fluid milk and fresh yogurt from cows that have been certified to be free of the artificial growth hormones rBGH/rBST.

Cage Free Eggs

We implemented a cage-free shell egg policy because of our commitment to the humane care of farm animals. We only offer eggs that are certified by the Humane Farm Animal Care Program in partnership with the Humane Society of America.

Project Clean Plate

This is a donation and communication program that works to reduce food waste in our facilities and benefit the community. The year-round program includes waste reduction, charitable donations to feed the hungry, environmental friendliness in our facilities, healthier, more aware and educated students, and stronger community goodwill.


Going tray-less was an initiative of Project Clean Plate, working to decrease food waste and save energy. The program hopes to reduce overconsumption and overeating, as well as cut energy usage and cleaning chemicals, and save water in our dish rooms.