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Emergency Management

Degree: AAS  |  Graduation Requirements: 61 credits

Program Summary:

Virtual Classes Available


Offered online through the Hudson Valley Educational Consortium, the Emergency Management AAS program prepares students to react to, and be effective before, during, and after any local, statewide, or national emergency. Students will develop the knowledge, experience, and critical decision-making and communications skills needed to respond appropriately to emergency and disaster situations and, more importantly, manage community resources in any crisis situation. This program meets New York State and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) education and training requirements.

Graduates of Emergency Management – AAS will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively a knowledge of emergency management content areas, including public safety critical incident command, emergency planning, emergency operations, exercise planning, emergency operations center organization and management, leadership, resource planning, and utilization of national emergency management operation guidelines
  • Apply the knowledge base of necessary skills to be able to function within the New York State and national incident management system during a local, statewide, or federal emergency
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, communications, and management skills by analyzing situations, determining proper actions, understanding the costs and benefits of actions, evaluating possible alternatives

Composition I
Fundamentals of Speech
Introduction to Emergency Management
Introduction to Corporate Homeland Security
Domestic/International Terrorism
Computer Literacy
Emergency Response Planning
Emergency Management Leadership
Introduction to Sociology
Science Elective with Lab
Critical Infrastructure
Emergency Response All Hazards
Incident Command System
Elementary Statistics
Higher MAT by Advisement
General Psychology
Emergency Exercise & Design
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Emergency Management Elective
American Law
Elective by Advisement

NOTE: See College Catalog for math competency requirement.

*All AAS degrees require ENG 1001 Composition I, ENG 1301 Fundamentals of Speech, a 4 credit science course with lab and a minimum of 10 additional Liberal Arts credits from at least two other areas of study. Liberal Arts prefixes: ANT, ECO, ENG, FLA, GEO, HIS, HON, HUM, MAT, POL, PSY, SCI, and SOC. COM 1301, Interpersonal Communications, COM 1305, Intercultural Communication, COM 2110 Intro to Media Communications, CPT 1210, Computer Literacy, CPT 1301, Logic and Problem Solving, CRJ 1115, Introduction to Criminal Justice, and THE 1700, Theater History I are also classified as liberal arts.


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