The Bug Room (Science and Nursing Study Area)

Room B107A

The Bug Room (affectionately named after the mosquito research once conducted in that room, as evidenced by the giant mosquito painting still adorning one of the walls) is a room that is available to all students studying science or nursing. Students can sign up for or drop by for free tutoring in math and science. Additionally, they can use the Bug Room computers or any of the text books or lab manuals that instructors make available for students in that room. Many students benefit from the lab materials that are available in the Bug Room when studying for lab practicals. Students can study from the anatomical models on which they will be tested or study the microscope slides with which they need to be familiar. The large tables and plentiful chairs in the Bug Room make it an ideal place for study groups to meet. Students also appreciate the fact that our friendly lab prep assistants, Kathy Scullion and Deanna Lickey, often make the room available to students outside of regular hours upon request.

Open by request. See Kathy Scullion or Deanna Lickey in B112.