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Not Currently Accepting Students

This program is offered through the HVEC (Hudson Valley Educational Consortium)*

Students who complete this program earn an Associate in Applied Science degree. The Fire Protection Technology A.A.S. program will prepare students for a career as fire fighters. Within the field there are many career specialties such as: fire prevention in government and industry; fire communications/dispatching in local and state government; fire equipment manufacturing, sales, service, research and development; forestry service fire control; specialist, technician and consultant services in the aerospace program; and fire protection education. Students are encouraged to contact the Chair of the Division of Professional Studies for advisement regarding selection of courses.

Graduates of Fire Protection Technology – AAS will be able to:

The Fire Protection Technology major courses are offered by Rockland Community College via Distance Learning room located at SUNY Sullivan. Please be aware that some FIR courses may require hands-on training.

*The HVEC (Hudson Valley Educational Consortium) is a partnership between SUNY Sullivan and other local community colleges. Thus, SUNY Sullivan students will register for all courses through us, take core courses in this program through our college, and may graduate with a degree from  SUNY Sullivan. However, some major-specific courses will be offered online through another school in the HVEC. Students interested in this program or any HVEC program should consult an academic advisor for more information.