Giving Tuesday is here: please consider making a monetary donation to SUNY Sullivan’s food security programs, which include the SUNY Sullivan Foundation Student Hardship Program and the SUNY Sullivan Food Pantry.

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Food insecurity among college students is a widespread issue across the country, and initiatives like the SUNY Sullivan Foundation Financial Hardship Program and the SUNY Sullivan Food Pantry play a crucial role in creating a supportive and inclusive environment within the campus community.

These initiatives not only address immediate hunger but also contribute to the overall well-being and academic success of students by promoting a more stable and nourished student body.

SUNY Sullivan Foundation Student Financial Hardship Program

The SUNY Sullivan Foundation Student Financial Hardship Program serves as a vital resource for students who may not have enough money to purchase adequate food or who might be experiencing temporary financial difficulties. It helps alleviate the stress and burden of food insecurity, ensuring that students have access to essential meals.

The SUNY Sullivan Food Pantry

The SUNY Sullivan Food Pantry, which is supported in part by the Student Financial Hardship Program, addresses a critical need within the college community. Many of our students face financial challenges, including food insecurity, which can significantly impact their ability to focus on their studies. The lack of reliable access to affordable and nutritious food, can undermine students' well-being and academic success.



Demand for supplies from the SUNY Sullivan Food Pantry increased by 100% last year. That number is only expected to increase this academic year, as we’ve already seen a 9% increase over this time last year.

By providing free or low-cost food and other essential household and personal care items, the SUNY Sullivan Pantry supports students in meeting their basic needs, allowing them to concentrate on their education without the distraction of hunger or worrying about where their next meal will come from. The same can be said for our staff, who can also visit the Food Pantry.

By participating in this year's Giving Tuesday, you can help reduce food insecurity among SUNY Sullivan students and their families, and support their efforts to build a better tomorrow.

Thank you for your consideration!

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