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Nurture Our World

Helping to Complete the Circle
Life is more than a process of taking what we need to survive. Life is a continuous cycle of use and renewal – a completing of the circle. At Chartwells, completing the circle is a way of life, and it’s an integral part of our vision for the future. In an effort to realize this vision, Chartwells’ parent company, Compass Group, has developed the Nurture Our World initiative. Nurture Our World has a focus on caring for your health, environment and community.

Nurture Our World

Nurture Our World grows out of Compass Group’s sincere interest in acting as a conscientious and concerned corporate citizen. Through Nurture Our World, we intend to make significant, positive contributions to the lives of our employees, customers and the communities we serve.

To nurture is to nourish, to foster, to care for, to improve. Nurturing entails what we eat, how we live, how we interact and the quality of our surroundings. To Nurture Our World requires that we understand the vital interdependence of all these relationships. We nurture our world when we take care of ourselves, our families, our communities and our environment. As a global business leader, Chartwells understands that responsibility, and each operating company in the Chartwells family is making a unique contribution to Nurture Our World.

Balanced Choice

Nurture Our World helps you make sensible choices about what you eat and keeps you informed with nutrition tips to promote a healthy lifestyle. The program features balanced choice foods which are reduced in fat, calories, sodium or cholesterol. And to make sure that these items taste great, our recipes are made with a fresh flavor profile enhanced with herbs, vegetable stocks and other seasonings.

When you visit one of our dining halls, look for the Nurture Our World icon. The icon indicates new foods that meet our high standards for freshly prepared balanced choice items.

Terra Ve

Terra Ve is a vegetarian and vegan program with more than 200 recipes as well as manuals, merchandising aids, banners, nutritional information and other tools designed to appeal to both vegan and vegetarians and to meet their nutritional needs.

Chartwells’ Terra Ve program, which is a part of the Nurture Our World program, won the Nation’s Restaurant News MenuMasters Award for Best New On-Site Menu for 2001. The vegetarian items fit both those categories because of the emphasis on fruits, vegetables, grains and soy rather than meat. With the demand for vegetarian dishes increasing over the years it was time to implement a vegetarian program. “Over the years, the student population has become more interested in vegetarian items and to a lesser extent, vegan options,” says Dean Lowden, corporate chef for Chartwells, who developed the program.

Terra Ve menus include soups such as Gazpacho, Homestyle Perins Peak Vegetable Soup and Avocado Cream Soup. Entrees include Jerk Tofu, Thai Noodle Bowl, Roasted Vegetable Potato Pancakes and Asian Barley, Wheatberries and Shiitake Mushroom Burrito. The Terra Ve program also has an array of side dishes, salads, dressings, sauces, relishes and condiments, wraps and sandwiches, desserts and breads and of course, pasta and pizza.

Chartwells has entered into an exciting new partnership with Vegetarian Times to enhance its award-winning Terra Ve program. Vegetarian Times is the premier magazine for those looking to improve their overall health. Since 1974, Vegetarian Times has been at the forefront of nutrition and lifestyle issues. The magazine’s editors and advisory board members are experts in their fields, garnering a James Beard Foundation Journalism Award. From commentary on the latest research to assessments of alternative health care to advice on creating a gourmet meatless feast, Vegetarian Times is the leading authority on all things natural. Vegetarian Times is producing a “branded” recipe brochure to be distributed at all 210 Terra Ve stations! The brochure will be produced twice during the school year, spring and fall, and will contain branded recipes utilizing Vegetarian Times partner sponsors products. Vegetarian Times magazines, brochures and subscription cards will be located at each Terra Ve unit. Additionally, each Terra Ve location will be supplied with a recipe database of almost 600 of the most popular Vegetarian Times recipes.

For more information on Vegetarian Times, check out their website at