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April 7, 2020

Tips Tuesday!

This one is for all those who wear makeup.

What to do when your absolute favorite eyeshadow color is at its end and is just a small ring

around the edges of the palette or it’s broken into pieces?

Turn it in to LIP GLOSS!

It’s simple… Scrape the end bits of eyeshadow into a small glass or plastic jar, I use an old but clean contact case and add some Vaseline or coconut oil. Mix it well and there you have it.


Try it and tell me or show me how it goes!

Here are my pics.

March 23, 2020

Hello All,

Welcome back SUNY Sullivan Students, I hope you are all healthy and ready to finish out this semester with SUCCESS!

With everything on the news you can’t help but think about your own respiratory health. With the world focused on combating this invisible enemy the Coronavirus, I got thinking… now is a great time to work on quitting smoking tobacco, vape, hookah, and smokeless tobacco. In just 20 minutes of quitting smoking your health starts to improve.

There are many resources available: Apps, Websites, Text and Quit lines. Here is one example.

1-866-N.Y.-QUITS(1866-697- 8487)

A full list of cessation support resources coming soon!