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SUNY Sullivan welcomes applications from high school students either for a degree-seeking candidate or in one of our special programs designed for students currently enrolled in high school.

First-Time-in-College Degree Seeking Students

Students interested in applying to SUNY Sullivan as a degree-seeking candidate should refer to our admissions processes, which outlines the admissions criteria regarding high school completion.

Candidates who are home schooled should refer to our page for Homeschooled Students.

Any student whose high school class has not yet graduated must also show proof of withdrawal from high school. Applicants who are under 16 years of age may attend summer sessions under the following conditions:

Applicants under 16 years of age and not enrolled in a high school will not be admitted for full-time study. Students under the age of 16 will be allowed to register for part-time study on a case-by-case basis. These students will need approval from the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

High School Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment and early admission are opportunities for students presently attending an accredited public or private high school to enroll in courses offered by SUNY Sullivan while concurrently enrolled in high school. Such students are subject to the rules and regulations of SUNY Sullivan as stated in our catalog and student handbook.

At an institution of higher education, students are exposed to a learning environment that promotes an open exchange of ideas. Course content is presented on an adult level, and class discussions require a mature understanding of divergent viewpoints and the ability to think critically on controversial issues.

Early admission and concurrent enrollment students should be aware that receiving a grade below a “C” may have difficulty in meeting future admissions, financial aid, and scholarship requirements at colleges and universities after high school graduation.

To participate in early admission or concurrent enrollment, students are responsible for:

Early Admission: Bridges Program

High school students meeting all minimum requirements for early admission and who have passing placement test scores, upon written recommendation of their high school guidance counselor, may enroll at SUNY Sullivan either full or part time. Interested students should contact their high school guidance counselor or the Director of Admissions.

Credits earned during the early admission period may be used to satisfy graduation requirements from high school, with the high school determining how these credits are to be utilized. Continued participation in the early admission program requires students to earn a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Grades earned will become part of students’ permanent college transcripts.

Concurrent Enrollment/College in the High School Program

Students who participate in the concurrent enrollment program take college courses at their local high school and receive college credits that may be used toward a college degree program. Grades earned will become part of students’ permanent college transcripts.

Sullivan County students who are interested should contact their high school guidance counselor for information regarding deadlines and for a copy of the SUNY Sullivan Enrollment Permission and Registration form. To be eligible for participation and to enroll, students must submit the Registration form, be approved by the high school principal/designee, have parental permission, and satisfy all course prerequisites. A new form must be submitted for each term enrolled.

College preparatory courses and Limited Access program courses are not permitted in the Concurrent Enrollment program.

Dual Pell Pilot Program

SUNY Sullivan is pleased to participate in the federal government’s Dual Enrollment Experience as part of their Experimental Sites Initiative, which aims to learn about how Pell Grant funding can expand opportunities for students from low-income backgrounds to participate in dual enrollment and expand access to rigorous coursework. SUNY Sullivan is participating in this program with the local school districts of Fallsburg, Liberty and Monticello.

To be eligible to participate, students must:

To participate in the program, students must:

Interested students should contact their high school guidance counselor for more information.