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SUNY Sullivan welcomes applications from students who do not have traditional high school diplomas and have pursued secondary education in a non-traditional manner.

Students must have a high school diploma or equivalent in order to pursue a degree program at SUNY Sullivan, as outlined on our admissions processes website. Absent a high school diploma, an equivalent can be pursued:

Degree-Seeking Home Schooled Candidates

Students who are of the age of compulsory secondary school attendance in New York State (or their home states) must submit:

Such candidates are required to interview with the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs prior to enrollment.

Students who are older than the age of compulsory secondary school attendance in New York State (or their home states) must submit one of the following:

Non-Degree Seeking Home Schooled Candidates

Students without a high school diploma who do not wish to pursue a degree are welcome to apply as non-matriculated candidates. For home schooled candidates who are of the age of compulsory secondary school attendance in New York State (or their home states), they must submit the requirements listed above. For those older than the age of compulsory attendance, no such information is required.

Candidates with Online High School Diplomas

Candidates who have obtained their high school diplomas through an online secondary school or system should be aware of SUNY’s policies regarding recognition of such degrees:

“If the individual is a resident of the state where the high school is located, then that state has jurisdiction over the individual’s high school completion. The Board of Regents does not approve correspondence study, including on-line, as equivalent to a high school diploma for New York State residents. Therefore, the acquisition of an on-line high school diploma is only an option for those individuals who are a resident of the state where such on-line high school is recognized by the state.

Until such time as the Board of Regents approves an on-line or correspondence study program as authorized to award a high school diploma, correspondence study and on-line diplomas are not valid for individuals who were New York State residents at the time they received the on-line diploma. The individual would have to have been a resident of the state issuing the on-line diploma. They would then need to reestablish residency in New York State prior to being eligible for TAP. Students who were residents of States -other than New York – when they received an online high school diploma and who later establish residence in NYS, should  have a document from the prior residential state’s State Education Department which indicates that a diploma presented by the online high school is a valid high school diploma for its residents.”

As a result, such candidates are welcome to apply as non-matriculated students.