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A grade point average, commonly referred to as a GPA, is a numerical value that indicates a student’s academic standing.

0.0 is the lowest GPA a student can have (That is a “Straight F” student)
4.0 is the highest GPA a student can have. (That is a “Straight A” student)
2.0 is generally the “cut-off” GPA. Anything below a 2.0 places a student in academic and financial jeopardy, as well as possible athletic team ineligibility. A 2.0 or higher GPA is required for graduation.
2.5 What many transfer colleges require as a minimum, but some may require even higher.

Step 1: Convert letter grades to a Points value

A = 4 points B+ = 3.33 points C+ = 2.33 points D+ = 1.33 points F = 0 points
A- = 3.67 points B = 3 points C = 2.0 points D = 1.0 points
B- = 2.67 points C- = 1.67 points D- = .67 points

Step 2: Multiply Points Times Credits to get Semester Quality Points

Multiply the point value of each grade by the credit value designated for each course to get Quality Points (Q.Pts).

List how many credits each class is worth
(Exclude courses beginning with DMA or DEN)
Grade Points Q.Pts
x = +
x = +
x = +
x = +
x = +
x = +
Total Semester Q. Pts = (A)

Step 3: Calculate Overall/Career Quality Points

What is your Division Career Total Q. Pts (listed on your transcript)? +
Add your Total Semester Q. Pts (A) =
Total: (B)

Step 4: Calculate your HGpa

What is your Division Career Total HGpa (listed on your transcript)? +
Add the number of NEW credits you are taking this semester =
(exclude credits for repeated classes & courses beginning with DMA or DEN) Total (C)
Divide (B) by (C) = Your career GPA: