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Human Services is a transfer-oriented Associate of Science degree program for students interested in pursuing social work or other counseling fields. The program provides the first two years of a four-year curriculum in, social work and other counseling professions.

The course requirements for this program are very general to accommodate the varying requirements of upper division courses required by colleges and universities that grant degrees in this field. The major courses are both theoretical and applied, allowing students the opportunity to explore the nature of human behavior and reach a deeper understanding of self. SUNY SULLIVAN students are able to transfer as juniors to pursue Bachelor’s degrees in either psychology or social work.

Graduation Requirements (61-63 Credits)

Graduates of Human Services – AS will have studied and demonstrated knowledge of the following objectives:

Demonstrate understanding of psychological theories, principles, and concepts in the discipline of psychology and related helping fields.
Demonstrate understanding of physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioral development.
Critically read and analyze research in psychology and related helping fields found in professional journals.
Apply an understanding of the theoretical frameworks and models utilized in current practice through practical application and written assignments.
Demonstrate an ability to use helping skills by means of role-playing and written assignments.
Exhibit self-insight through exercises that promote reflection and awareness of the self.
Establish an understanding of the values and ethics of the profession.
Illustrate empathic listening and other skills necessary in the client-counselor relationship.
Develop an understanding of the history of the field of human services and relevance to current practice.
Develop an understanding of cultural and spiritual sensitive practice in the human service field.
Explain healthy and effective functioning in settings such as jobs, school, interpersonal relationships, and as members of society.
Explain effective stress management and coping skills.
Describe the steps in developing in forming friendships and healthy relationships.
Develop and describe effective social and communication skills in a variety of settings.
Apply the basic principles of psychology to everyday life.