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The Liberal Arts and Sciences: Health Sciences degree program is a university-parallel two-year program designed to allow students to transfer to a health-related program at a four-year school. This program will provide students who wish to enroll in a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) program with a solid foundation in the health sciences including required mathematics, science, and liberal arts courses. Additionally, this program is appropriate for students attempting to gain entrance into the Nursing Program or the Respiratory Care Program at SUNY Sullivan. Students may enroll in this program and take all of the courses required in the Nursing and Respiratory Care Programs except for the Nursing and Respiratory Care courses.

Upon graduation, students in the Liberal Arts and Sciences: Health Sciences, AS degree will have demonstrated

knowledge of the human body, including its anatomy, physiology, and nutritional requirements.
competency in written and oral communication.
the ability to use the scientific method to collect, analyze, and interpret scientific and medical data.
the foundational knowledge underlying the social and psychological factors entailed in health issues.
Students will be able to qualify for admissions into Nursing, Respiratory Care, or other health sciences programs.