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The Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities curriculum is a university parallel Associate of Arts degree program preparing students for transfer to a four-year program. Required and elective courses are both transferable. Small classes, attention and concern for individual students, and a suggested sequence of courses are intended to help students acquire fundamental skills of studying, reasoning, and expression. Working with their faculty advisor, students can select courses in academic areas in English, history, psychology, sociology, honors and the sciences. The liberal arts place emphasis on questions more than specific answers. The courses focus upon ideas, languages, logic, and images of the world, of nature, and society. History, literature, and the sciences offer models and explanations of the events and processes of our lives. The Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities curriculum is the program of choice for students seeking to transfer to a 4-year institution. This degree requires the completion of at least 7 of the 10 SUNY General Education requirements. SCCC is committed to encourage students to complete all 10 requirements.

Besides completing the SUNY General Education requirements, graduates of the Liberal Art and Science, Humanities – AA will have demonstrated:

the ability to think critically;
a command of information and concepts with the Liberal Arts and Sciences, with an emphasis on the humanities;
an awareness of our diverse world;
an understanding of sustainable actions as well as social and environmental responsibility;
the ability to communicate their understanding in written and spoken form;
the ability to perform and cite research in various Liberal Arts formats.