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What’s Happening?

Our Summer Program will start July 8 and continues through Aug 1, 2019, culminating in the SUNY Sullivan LPP/SYEP Family and Friends Dinner and Achievement Night. Students are learning, service learning, and planning to learn about community gardening and sustainability; drum circles, dance, and other arts; life and social skills; and preparing for college and careers.

Week 1 Photos (2018):

ENGN What Makes a Village:

These students are engaging in ENGN’s What Makes a Village program. In this program students connect their personal concerns to larger systemic issues and communicate that message through creative means. In these photos they are practicing the Legislative Theatre technique to better understand social issues and personal needs such as immigration and trust. This exercise brings them closer to the issues and concerns they may have by taking them outside the everyday or common societal/news response. It uses creativity to engage their most critical and personal insights, nothing is rote or expected, the knowledge they gain is new and a discovery every time.