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This course pairs Introduction to Biology I with a developmental reading course. It is designed for students who need to improve their scientific reading comprehension skills. Students will learn reading and study strategies designed to improve their understanding of biological concepts and to increase their chances for success in Introduction to Biology I. Students will work with a science and an English instructor to complete assignments that parallel material covered in the biology course. Skills emphasized will include: science vocabulary and high utility vocabulary development, summarizing, reading for meaning, understanding questions, interpreting visual displays (i.e., graphs), and note-taking. This course is required for all Introduction to Biology I students who are also enrolled in DEN, but is open to any students taking Introduction to Biology I. It is strongly advised that all students enrolled in Introduction to Biology I take the Writing and Reading Comprehension test to assess their preparedness for the Introduction to biology I course. This course would greatly benefit any student who scores less than 70% on the Writing and Reading Comprehension test. This course may not be used to satisfy the English or science requirement at this college.