Lockdown Drill at SUNY Sullivan

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SUNY Sullivan, in conjunction with local police agencies, this morning conducted an “emergency lockdown drill” on campus. The New York State Police, the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, the Fallsburg Police Department and the SUNY Sullivan Office of Public Safety all participated.

At approximately 10 a.m. an announcement went out over the college’s public address system, instructing those on campus to seek shelter in a locked room or office. Once all hallways were clear of students, faculty and staff, an email and text alert was sent out announcing that the lockdown was a drill, but requesting that everyone remain locked down until an all-clear message was sent.

Lockdown drills are held annually at SUNY Sullivan to test the college’s public address and text alert systems, as well as to reinforce proper procedures in the event of an actual emergency lockdown.

“Special thanks to the area police agencies for taking the time to participate in this valuable training to reinforce our campus safety measures,” said SUNY Sullivan President Jay Quaintance. “I greatly appreciate the fact that our law enforcement partners are always ready to help us assure the safety of our students, faculty and staff.”