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Marshall County Line

Friday, April 21, 2017, 4:00pm

The SUNY Sullivan Theater Program is proud to announce the world-premiere of MARSHALL COUNTY LINE by SUNY Sullivan professor Gabe Rikard.* A new jam-band musical adaptation of William Shakespeare’s MEASURE FOR MEASURE.

*Directed by Jessica López-Barkl, Assistant Professor of Theater and Speech at SUNY Sullivan.


The Seelig Theater
Sullivan County Community College
112 College Road
Loch Sheldrake, NY, 12759

Show Dates

April 13-23, 2017, Thursday- Saturday at 8pm, Sundays at 2PM.
Please Contact Jessica López-Barkl with any questions:

About the Show

In this new jam-band musical adaptation of William Shakespeare’s MEASURE FOR MEASURE, Gabe Rikard explores the idiom that absolute power corrupts absolutely in the cloistered halls of a religious university.

The story of the plot (based on William Shakespeare’s MEASURE FOR MEASURE) centers on Angel, who has been empowered by Vincent Duke, the President of Heritage University, to be the interim President, while he wanders about disguised as a female choir mistress to investigate the hypocritical practices of his university’s policies on morals. Angel fires the choir director, Claude, to make an example of him because he and his fianceé Julia are going to have a child out of wedlock. Isabella, Claude’s sister, pleads her brother’s case because he needs the money and the job to help take care of their infirm parents. Angel’s own lust is aroused and he uses his power to blackmail Isabella into his bed. Fortunately Duke overhears this plan. Angel ends up in the bed of Mary Anne, a woman from his undisclosed past. Claude is allowed to live happily ever after with his fiancée. This basic plot is expanded with the mad-cap adventures of the Jam-Band that is center stage for the entire production under scoring the action of the play. This story-line adds to Duke’s exploration of the hypocrisy that surround his of his University with the sub-plot of a United States border county that deals with the moral dissensions that abound from a dry vs. a wet county.

The Playwright

Gabe Rikard (music and lyrics)
A graduate in English Literature from Rhodes College, Florida State University, and the University of Mississippi, Professor Gabe Rikard played music professionally for ten years in the Jam Band Absylom Rising, based out of Muscle Shoals, Alabama. His theatrical experience includes: Joe Hardy in Damn Yankees for the Ritz Community theater in Sheffield, Alabama; a soloist in Caberet, Charley Kringas in Merrily We Roll Along, and Billy Flynn in Chicago for the Rhodes College Theater; the “crazy-ass golfer” in Marisol, Benny Perkins in Hands on a Hardbody, and John Wilkes Booth in Assassins for the SUNY Sullivan theater department. Having previously published the academic treatise Authority and the Mountaineer in Cormac McCarthy’s Appalachia in 2013, Marshall County Line is Rikard’s first foray into the magic of creating musical theater.