NYS Tuition Assistance Program

This is a New York State grant based on NYS net taxable income and tuition charges. SUNY Sullivan awards range from $500 – $4,814.

New York State residents should complete the TAP application at the end of the FAFSA. If you’ve already submitted your FAFSA, you can access the TAP application on the Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) website.

Excelsior Scholarship Program

SUNY Sullivan is participating in the Excelsior Scholarship program – a state aid program approved under Governor Cuomo’s Free-Tuition Plan for New York State students whose families make less than $125,000/year (AGI on 2017 tax return) and pursue an Associate or Bachelor’s degree, and earn 30 credits each year.

The Excelsior Scholarship Program has separate requirements and a separate application.