Application for Degree and Graduation


Date and Location:  Graduation and Pinning will occur on May 15th (with a May 16th rain date) at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. 

Arrival Time:  Students and up to two guests will need to arrive at 8:45 for the morning ceremony, and 11:45 for the afternoon ceremony.

Tickets and Guests: Attendance is by invitation only.  Each student who has requested to attend will be assigned to one of the two commencement times (morning or afternoon).  Check your student email account Tuesday afternoon for your confirmed event time.  Each student will be allowed to bring two guests (updated 5/11/2021).  Both the student and the guests will be issued an entrance pass at the gate.  There will be no other tickets issued. 

Pinning:  The Health Sciences Pinning ceremony will occur during the morning commencement exercise.  All nursing and respiratory graduates will attend this ceremony.  If you are getting pinned and you have invited someone to pin you (please speak with Tina Ross for guidance) then this individual will count as one guest. 

COVID Screening:  The college will pre-screen all attendees for COVID symptoms.  Symptomatic individuals will not be granted access to the commencement exercises.

Masks:  The college will distribute SUNY Sullivan masks for this event.

Live Streaming:  This event will be live streamed to the SUNY Sullivan Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sunysullivan. 

Questions?  Questions about gowns and health screening can be addressed to dean@sunysullivan.edu.  Other questions should be sent to registrar@sunysullivan.edu.

5/12/2021 Update to our Potential Graduates:

Arrival:  Please arrive at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, 200 Hurd Road, Bethel, New York 12720 by the time assigned to you (please check your email).  The college has to follow COVID protocols, and people who arrive later than 11:45 risk missing the opportunities for pictures and might miss the ceremony. 

Parking: Please park in the C Lot by 8:45 AM or 11:45 AM (please check your email regarding your designated arrival time). 

Access to Bethel Woods:  Students, guests, and faculty will complete a health screening at the main gate at Bethel Woods.  Please follow the signs.  Filling out and printing the health screening form will speed up this process.

Guests:  Each student may invite two 2 guests.  Guests should check in at the main gate at Bethel Woods, complete a health screening, and receive an ID pass that will allow them to enter the facility.  Seating will be assigned, and graduates will sit with their guests.  You will be assigned a seat when you check in.

Streaming Video:  Each commencement event will be livestreamed and can be viewed on the SUNY Sullivan Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sunysullivan.

Caps and Gowns:  If you have already picked up your graduation gowns please remember to bring them to Bethel Woods.  If you have not yet received your cap and gown, then you may pick them up at graduation. 

Pictures:  Students and faculty will gown and line up in the same area, and there will be opportunities to take pictures before the ceremony.  After the ceremony it will be necessary to leave the facility quickly to allow the afternoon group to arrive, so promptly arriving at 8:45 or 11:45 (check email for your arrival time) will help to leave you time for a picture.

Masks:  SUNY requires participants at this event to wear facemasks for safety.  When you check in you will be given a SUNY Sullivan mask (which we hope you wear for pictures and the ceremony), a program, and a map. 

Refreshments:  We are prohibited from serving food or drinks during the ceremony, but we will have water and healthy snacks available on your way out.

Umbrellas:  The forecast is predicting a chance of showers, so please bring your umbrella just in case. 

Bethel Woods Museum:  The Bethel Woods Museum and other buildings at the site are not part of our commencement exercises.  Please use the outdoor sidewalks as you move around the facility, and please avoid shortcuts through buildings.

The address for Bethel Woods is 200 Hurd Rd, Bethel, NY 12720, and you will see signs for the commencement and pinning events.