Political Forum Scheduled for March 16

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Political Forum Scheduled for March 16

Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 3:30pm

On Wednesday, March 16, the Division of Social Sciences & Sustainability Studies at SUNY Sullivan will host a panel discussion to examine the issues and candidates involved in the upcoming presidential primaries. The event, entitled All About That Vote, is free and open to the public. The forum begins at 6:30 pm in the college’s Seelig Theatre and will coincide with a voter registration drive.

The non-partisan panel will explore the issues surrounding top candidates’ economic and social platforms, and will provide historical context and ongoing analysis about the upcoming elections, as well as emphasizing why it is important to vote. The distinguished panel includes: Thomas Lambert, professor of sociology, who will discuss the political parties and the rise of “charismatic” candidates; Dani Weber, a professor of English at SUNY Sullivan, who will discuss the speeches and rhetoric of the candidates; Arthur Riegal, a long-time professor of Economics,¬†will analyze the economic platforms and proposed tax plans of top candidates; Political Science instructor Liza MacEntee, will review what’s at stake and how this election can impact the nation; and Jack Leschner, former professor of Political Science & History, will discuss super pacs and campaign finance and why they matter. The moderator for the evening will be Anne Ruszkiewicz, a professor in SUNY Sullivan’s Liberal Arts and Humanities Department.

“We’re so lucky to have individuals with the education and expertise at SUNY Sullivan who can speak knowledgeably on this panel,” notes Susan Rogers, Ph.D., Division Chairperson of Social Science & Sustainability Studies, an associate professor of Psychology and the event organizer. “I encourage all members of the community to make time for this important, non-partisan forum on the upcoming primary elections, and to take the opportunity to register to vote!”

In addition to the forum, a voter registration drive is being held so that community members can make sure they are registered and ready to vote in the New York State primaries by the March 25 registration deadline. The voter registration portion of the evening is being conducted in connection with Rock the Vote, a non-partisan group that focuses on educating and registering young voters and getting as many as possible to turn out to the polls.