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This program is offered through the HVEC (Hudson Valley Educational Consortium)*

The two-year Associate in Science (AS) degree, is designed specifically for students to transfer to the appropriate upper-level college or university of their choice, where they can complete a bachelor’s degree in public health or a related field of study. The curriculum includes core courses in public health along with those general education requirements that would be included in the first two years of study at a four-year institution.

Graduates of Public Health — AS will be able to :

Public health professionals work within a variety of settings, including state and local health departments, hospitals, workplace wellness programs, government agencies, educational institutions, research organizations, and international development agencies.

*The HVEC (Hudson Valley Educational Consortium) is a partnership between SUNY Sullivan and other local community colleges. Thus, SUNY Sullivan students will register for all courses through us, take core courses in this program through our college, and may graduate with a degree from SUNY Sullivan. However, some major-specific courses will be offered online through another school in the HVEC. Students interested in this program or any HVEC program should consult an academic advisor for more information.