Strategic Planning and Institutional Assessment


After the Middle States Report was submitted, the president asked Dr. Stephen Mitchell, Dean of Workforce Development, to begin work on the strategic plan and institutional assessment that were the heart of the combined recommendation by the Middle States Visiting Team for Standards 2 and 7. After reviewing strategic planning processes, plans and associated documents from 16 SUNY community colleges, Dean Mitchell recommended to the Cabinet that the college create a strategic planning steering advisory. Noting that many campuses combined the oversight of strategic planning and institutional assessment, and since the recommendations from the Middles States Visiting Team combined these elements, the president asked that the team formed address both of these issues. Thus was born the Strategic Planning and Institutional Assessment Team.

The SPIA Team was charged with:


Strategic Planning and Institutional Asessment Background

Team Members:

Chaired by the Associate Vice President of Planning, Human Resources, and Facilities

One Faculty delegate elected from each instructional division

Two delegates from the campus

One delegate from the student body

One delegate from the Board of Trustees, who will be an ex-officio member without vote

One delegate from Student Activities

One delegate from the VP of Academic and Student Affairs Office

Three delegates from the Teamsters

The Director of Information Technology

The Controller/Director of Finance

The Director of Institutional Research