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What can Starfish do for you?

  • View your Success Network (Course Instructors, Primary Advisor, etc)
  • View your instructors and advisor’s office hours online
  • Schedule appointments with your advisor, faculty, and staff online
  • Receive academic updates from faculty
  • Learn about campus resources

How to Access Starfish

Access the Starfish link easily by logging in to your Brightspace account.

Computer Users:

Click here for a tutorial video!

Pulse App Users:

Click here for a tutorial video!

Choose How You Receive Messages From Starfish

Starfish messages will be sent to your Sullimail college email account by default. However, you can also receive messages via a secondary email account or text messages.

To receive messages via a secondary email

To receive messages via Text

Your Success Network

This is a list that contains your primary advisor, instructors, success coaches, and services offices you are connected to for the semester. Students can easily find the contact information, including office hours, for their entire academic support team in one place!

How to Schedule an Appointment with a Staff or Faculty Member in your Success Network

Your Connections

Your Services