Student Art Shines at Narrowsburg Union

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SUNY Sullivan faculty and staff at Sunday's exhibition opening

Members of the SUNY Sullivan art faculty pose with President Quaintance.

On Sunday, January 26th, the Narrowsburg Union launched its latest art exhibit: “About Drawing: Exploration & Contemplation” with an opening reception. The event drew many of the students whose work was exhibited, as well as SUNY Sullivan Instructors and local artists, and College President Jay Quaintance.

The 3 part exhibition, which will run through Saturday, February 29th, includes works from first and second year SUNY Sullivan students, quotes from area artists who were asked to give their personal thoughts on drawing, and lastly, the quotes on drawing from art history giants from around the world.

“This exhibition”, says Rocky Pinciotti, SUNY Sullivan instructor and the exhibition’s co-curator, “is a celebration of drawing.” The pieces in the exhibition, he explains, “includes work from Drawing 1 & 2 classes as well as the Design & Color class. Drawing 1 & 2 are requirements for all the Graphic Design and Computer Graphic students. Along with the Design & Color class the students learn and experiment with line, color and design through a variety of art mediums.”

In describing the drawing classes from which the work emerged, Pinciotti points out that “like any art or design school, the drawing classes at SUNY Sullivan lay each student’s foundation for visually thinking, hand-eye coordination, organizational skills and an awareness of the physical and imaginary world around them.”

And while many of the students whose work is featured came into the college with great drawing skills, Pinciotti says that this is not true of all of them. “It is exciting,” he says, “to see both kinds of students blossom and excel in some or all of the assignments required of them at SUNY Sullivan.”

Asked what he hopes visitors to the exhibit come away with, Pinciotti says: “Ultimately, the exhibition is a look into students’ and artists’ inner-thoughts and struggles about rendering with the hand what the eye or mind sees.”

The exhibition continues at the Narrowsburg Union, 7 Erie Ave, Narrowsburg, New York, through February 29th.

The Artists

Student Artists:
Ethan Astacio, Anthony W. Bailey, Ava Barca, Donald Belsito, Jr.,Albert Bisono, Jordan T. Cherepanov, Brianna Cockshutte, Jesse Van Eps, Gustavo Romero Garzon, Aniello Grant, Nicholas Grant, Kayli Green, Tiana Ambrose Helms, Janet Hill-Ross, Kathleen Houghtaling, Alexcia Hokirk, Brianna Jackson, Brandon Johnson, Tristan Krueger, Candice Lewis, Zhaielle Logan, Christina Martinez, Arly Marin-Leon, Brianna Mayers, Krysiali Mendoza, Octavia Moore, Christian Mootz, Isabel Morales, Zachery Ocasio, Janeth Orta, Anna Pidgeon, Ayanna Princivil, Sandy Rivera, Isabella Rodriguez, Victoria Snyder, Jahda Williams

SUNY Sullivan Instructors & Local Artists:
Tom Ambrosino, Eric Baylin, Bruce Bidwell, Thomas Bosket, Francis Cape, Scott Klee Clark, Dale Emmart, Xeth Feinberg, Elise Freda, Micheline Gingras, Margaret Helthaler, Ramona Jan, Dave Justice, John Kascht, Richard J. Kreznar, William Landau, Mark Lawrence, Nancy Lew Lee, Claudine Luchsinger, Brandi Merolla, Stephen Morse, Chris Parrow, Rocky Pinciotti, Helena Clare Pittman, Jay Quaintance, Jesse M. P. Rappaport, MD, Judith Reeve, Juan Rigal, Kit Sailer, Doris Sharp, Linda Sokoloski, Robin Jane Solvang, Adam Stennett, John Tomlinson, Ryan Ward, Nancy Wells, Rodney White, Charles Wilkin, Alan Wood, Dorian Yurchuk