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SUNY Sullivan is now using Brightspace as their new Learning Management System.

According to Dr. Shirley Sinacore, the Brightspace administrator, “Brightspace has given us the ability to provide all of students – whether in a traditional classroom or in an online class – the ability to do so much more.” The Brightspace platform is fast, intuitive, mobile, and accessible. Brightspace works on all electronic devices and provides the same experience across all the devices.

Brightspace states, “That means something different for everyone. You can use Brightspace to give every teacher, student, and employee their own best experience—and find new ways to make it even better.”

According to Dr. Sinacore, “Once the students have used Brightspace for a week or two, they have found it user-friendly and more modern than the previous platform.” Students have access to videos showing them the different ways to use Brightspace to their advantage.