SUNY Sullivan Partners with Empire State College

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New Transfer Pathways in Nursing, Medical Assistant, and Respiratory Care Programs Address Healthcare Crisis, Workforce Demand

SUNY Sullivan and SUNY Empire State College have embarked on a new partnership providing guaranteed admission to graduates from three of SUNY Sullivan associate’s degree programs: the Medical Assistant program, the Nursing program, and the Respiratory Care program. SUNY Empire State College President Jim Malatras and SUNY Sullivan President Jay Quaintance finalized the agreements virtually from their respective campuses in Sullivan County and the Capital Region.

In addition to the general pathway, which ensures admission to SUNY Empire for all qualified SUNY Sullivan graduates who have completed any associate-level program, SUNY Sullivan and SUNY Empire established three new program-to-program specific pathways. They are:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections (2016-2026), registered nursing (RN) is listed among the top occupations in terms of job growth through 2026. The RN workforce is expected to grow from 2.9 million in 2016 to 3.4million in 2026, an increase of 438,100 or 15 percent. The Bureau also projects the need for an additional 203,700 new RNs each year through 2026 to fill newly created positions and to replace retiring nurses.

Health care is the largest sector of the economy in Sullivan County,” said SUNY Sullivan President Jay Quaintance. “These agreements will ensure that our graduates have access to high quality SUNY degrees without the need to leave their home and community. This is a great opportunity for our students and will help further strengthen the health care workforce for years to come.”

“The current global health crisis has demonstrated that we as educators must provide more opportunities for those who want to enter the field of healthcare,” said SUNY Empire State College President Jim Malatras. “Today’s partnership between SUNY Empire and SUNY Sullivan will unlock doors of opportunities for many individuals seeking to provide critical care for those in need. It is a privilege to welcome SUNY Sullivan graduates to SUNY Empire, to ensure the future workforce receives the best possible education to deliver the best possible care. Thank you for President Quaintance for making this possible.” 

The pathways ease the transition process for SUNY Sullivan graduates to an educational model comprised of online courses, independent study and small group seminars, ensuring a smooth transfer for SUNY Sullivan graduates to Empire State College.

SUNY Empire State College (ESC) will provide SUNY Sullivan students with a one-time $100 transfer scholarship and also waive their traditional $50 orientation fee. Students in SUNY Sullivan’s Medical Assistant program, Nursing program, and Respiratory Care program will all be able to seamlessly transfer to ESC in order to complete their bachelor’s degrees in ESC’s Allied Health Pathways program (for students in the Medical Assistant and Respiratory Care programs) and Pathways in Nursing program (for students in the Nursing program). All of these programs, which prepare students to become doctor’s assistants, nurse practitioners, and respiratory technicians, are more important than ever in the era of COVID-19.

Students must meet a few requirements to be eligible for this transfer program. To be eligible for admission to ESC, SUNY Sullivan transfer students must have completed an associate’s degree within the last 3 years, or be in (or entering) their final semester of completing an associate’s degree. Each student will be able to carry over credits earned as part of their associate’s degree to ESC, as long as they fit into the student’s designed bachelor’s degree program.  To learn more about ESC’s bachelor’s degree programs, please refer to SUNY Sullivan and Empire State College hope that this new partnership will provide students with the support they need to pursue their dreams. 

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