SUNY Sullivan Sends Ventilators and Medical Supplies to Catskill Regional Medical Center

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various large pieces of medical equipment

SUNY Sullivan has sent vitally needed ventilators and protective gear to Catskill Regional Medical Center to support treatment of COVID-19 patients. Six mechanical ventilators have been transferred this week, with more supplies on the way.

“These machines are acute care ventilators needed in the Intensive Care Units to keep patients breathing when they have severe respiratory illnesses such as that which results from the COVID-19 infections,” said Tom McManus, SUNY Sullivan Associate Professor and Director, Respiratory Care Program. “These are the same ventilators that we have heard Governor Cuomo speak of when he said that we will have an increased need for such equipment. We were asked and have agreed to let Catskill Regional Medical Center (CRMC) utilize our inventory to increase their ability to care for patients. Our program teaches students to become Respiratory Therapists, the healthcare professionals that manage these ventilators. The Respiratory Care Program at SUNY Sullivan is proud to be an integrated part of the healthcare community and to be of assistance in this time of need.”

Dr. Shirley Sinacore, SUNY Sullivan Coordinator of Instructional Design, is using 3D technology to create face shields for hospital personnel.

In support of our local hospital in fighting COVID-19, SUNY Sullivan is utilizing its 3D printers to make face shields for CRMC. We have just begun and we plan to have all of our printers going at once to maximize production.”

Additionally, SUNY Sullivan has sent dozens of manual resuscitators; hundreds of face masks, face shields, eye protection, and gowns; and thousands of exam gloves to CRMC. These supplies came from the Nursing, Respiratory, and Medical Assistant Programs, as well as the campus Nurse’s office.

“I am proud that SUNY Sullivan is able to provide assistance with CRMC during this time of crisis,” said President Jay Quaintance. “We have resources and expertise to help sustain the work of their healthcare professionals and are happy to support all efforts.”