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Conference Schedule

8:15 a.m.

Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:00 a.m. Welcome

9:15 a.m. Keynote

Cory Kahaney

10:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

Workshop Session I
See descriptions inside brochure.

Visit our marketplace in the Seelig Theatre lobby – open all day.

12:00 noon – 1:00 p.m.

Lunch is served in Upper “H” Building
Benmosché Family Dining Hall

1:15 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.

Workshop Session II
See descriptions inside brochure.

2:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Closing & Raffle
Seelig Theatre

About Our Keynote Speaker

Cory Kahaney

Cory Kahaney is every woman. Mother, daughter, wife… ex-wife. This year, she appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, made her fifth appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and in a new TV special for Nick Mom.

Cory appeared in the first season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing and made it to the finale, where host Jay Mohr called her performance “flawless.” Other television credits include Comedy Central Presents: Cory Kahaney, The View, and many episodes of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.

Her off-Broadway hit “The J.A.P. Show” ran for six months in New York City and continues to tour the country, re-named “The Princesses of Comedy”. Cory conceived and developed “The Radio Ritas,” a nationally syndicated radio show for Greenstone Media, a company created by Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda to provide radio programming for woman.

Her one-person show, “Having it all and other Myths,” premiered at the 1999 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. “Having it all and other Myths” was subsequently produced as a half-hour special for HBO, leading to development deals with Warner Brothers and CBS. Cory has also been featured three times at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal.

She was voted best comedian in NYC by Backstage Magazine and best female comedian by the Manhattan Association of Cabarets.

Workshop Session 1

10:15am – 11:45am

Super Foods-Nutrition for Breast Health

Presenter: Dr. Lauren Roman, M.D., CRMG
Learn – Sample smoothies – Gift giveaway. Diet is thought to be partly responsible for about 30% to 40% of all cancers. No food or diet can prevent you from getting breast cancer, but some foods can make your body the healthiest it can be and boost your immune system. Join Dr. Lauren Roman, Director of Primary Care at Catskill Regional Medical Group to learn about Breast Health. We will be learning how lifestyle and healthy eating can reduce your risk for cancer by making super-food smoothies using anti-oxidant ingredients with the team from Catskill Regional Medical Center and Morrison Healthcare. Everyone who attends this workshop gets a FREE Premium Gift!

Tantalizing Tartlets

Learn to make your own beautiful handcrafted petite tarts! Each student will be provided with tart shells to fill and decorate like a pro! Maximum of 16 participants. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

The Power of Words

Presenter: Kohloa
One might say words have no power at all-they are just words. If true, then why do people use words to manipulate, hurt, tear down, empower, express love, or praise? This workshop is designed to encourage participants to engage in a group setting with each other using words to find ways to respond to situations rather than to react. Intense discussion of different topics may be explored.

Seasonal and Local -Plant Centered Cuisine

Presenter- Dayna Halprin
In this hands-on class participants will focus on plant based ingredients and the transformation of whole vegetables into sustainable, healthy, and of course delicious meals. Emphasis will be placed on seasonal and local ingredients, as well as Dan Barber’s concept of “The Third Plate”. Maximum of 16 participants. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

That’s So Cheezy!

Presenter: Mary Magnetico
Mild and milky, smooth and silky: any way you stretch it, we love fresh mozzarella! In this hands-on course we’ll teach you how to make it. First we’ll set you straight on coagulation as we tell you how milk turns from fluid to firm curds. Then we’ll roll up our sleeves and turn curds into cheese! Maximum of 16 participants. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

Chakra Healing

Presenter: Samantha Black
From learning about your chakras to what the tarot cards really mean, this interesting class will delve into the harmony of the body and soul and investigate the past, present and future.

About Face!

Presenter: Marcy Horton
Join professional makeup artist Marcy Horton in this eye opening, lash enhancing, modern classic beauty workshop where you will learn techniques that will bring out the best in you! Learn to achieve a high impact, flawless look with minimal product.

Awakening the Goddess: The Divine Feminine

Presenter: Hana Marritz
For most of human history, God was portrayed as a woman. Only in the last several thousand has this been challenged. Explore this deeply moving journey of the Goddess through art. Follow the path of ancient civilizations, their gods and goddesses, their struggle for the human soul, the usurping of the divine feminine and finally the dawn of a new paradigm. Deepen your understanding of the human journey and participate in the rebirth of the divine feminine through your own artistic expression with clay and sketching. Maximum of 12 participants. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

Social Media and You!

Presenter: Elizabeth Fredrick
Technology is ever advancing. In this workshop learn the ins and outs of the most popular social media apps and how to successfully understand and use them. Maximum 12 participants. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

The Fabric of Women Scarf Painting

Presenter- Laurie Kilgore
Can’t draw or paint? With the help of your presenter, participants will create amazing WEARABLE art in the form of a batik silk scarf. Each one is guaranteed to be beautiful and unique! Maximum of 12 participants. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

Creating a Mini-Terrarium

Presenter- Linda Roffel
In this hands-on workshop, create your own unique mini universe inside glass! Maximum of 12 participants. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

Workshop Session 2

1:15pm – 2:45pm

Seeds of Intention

Presenter: Debra Cortese
This workshop combines the therapeutic benefits of music, meditation and coloring within the informational patterns of the universal Flower of Life. You will be guided to create a work of art that is energetically aligned with a relevant-to-you, career or personal goal. The final artwork, your unique SEED of INTENTION, is a visual representation of having already achieved your goal and will function as nourishment towards your success.

Creative Insights to Writing

Presenter: Kohloa
Have you ever wanted to express your thoughts about food, sex, politics, mysticism, pain, or simply the joy of living, but didn’t know where to begin? This workshop encourages any beginner or more experienced writer to tap into their strengths, find their voice, and learn new techniques to express themselves through writing a personal journal or gain insight on how to get published.

Watercolor and Wine

Presenter- Chris Parrow
Join SUNY Sullivan art professor, local painter and potter as she leads you step-by-step through an exciting floral watercolor project using a variety of unique techniques while sipping on a glass of wine. Take home the beautiful watercolor painting that you created! Maximum 18 participants. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! 21 and older with valid ID.

No Bake Desserts

With Spring having decided to start working its way across the wild blue yonder, it’s time to start pulling out the easy, no-bake recipes that make our lives easier and breezier than ever! In this class participants will try incredible recipes for no-bake dessert bars and see how sweet life can be when you keep that oven off! Maximum of 16 participants. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

Hodgepodge Collage

Presenter: Ramona Jan
Explore the art of found-object collage with instructor provided treasures and trinkets from all over the world, or give new life to your own broken jewelry and heirlooms by bringing something personal to incorporate into your collage. In this fun-filled workshop, participants will also learn to balance shape and color as well as experience the ins and outs of non-toxic adhesives. Maximum of 20 participants. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

Life’s a Batch: The Cookie Studio

Presenter: Chef Mary Magnetico
Join our all NEW class in the cookie studio! Cookies are a long time favorite of EVERYONE. In this class students will learn seasonal and international cookie recipes and cookie making techniques! Learn how to incorporate the season’s most yummy flavors into your cookies. Maximum of 16 participants. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

About Face!

Presenter: Marcy Horton
Join professional makeup artist Marcy Horton in this eye opening, lash enhancing, modern classic beauty workshop where you will learn techniques that will bring out the best in you! Learn to achieve a high impact, flawless look with minimal product.

Knife Skills 101

Presenter- Dayna Halprin
Join Chef Dayna of Early Bird Cookery for an instructional class on how to perform basic cutting and preparation techniques. Learn culinary knife skills that will guide you toward creating delicious meals. This class is designed to help you cook safer and more efficiently in your home kitchen. Maximum of 16 participants. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

Welcome to Bollywood

Presenter: Lori Karadontes
The Bollywood workout is an exercise dance routine that modernizes the high-energy folk dance of Bhangra by blending traditional Bhangra dance steps and the exhilaration of Bollywood moves. This unique dance is suitable for participants of all ages and fitness levels. You can dance bare foot or in sneakers. Get ready for a fun trip around the globe. Wear comfy cloths and get ready to Mumbai your bum-bi!

POWER-ful Women: Networking and Cocktail Conversation

Presenter: Shirley Felder, Life Coach
Ever feel uncomfortable and don’t know how to begin or hold a conversation in a cocktail or business setting with people you’re not familiar with? In this workshop learn some key points from how to dress, what to say and how to create true networking connections while feeling comfortable and power-ful in your own skin! This is not only a great class for businesswomen but anyone who wants to learn the key to GREAT cocktail conversation!

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