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A student is classified as a transfer student if they have previously registered at any other regionally accredited college or university, regardless of the amount of time spent in attendance or credit earned.


In addition to the high school transcript, all transcripts containing courses eligible for transfer college credit must be received by the Admissions Office.

The Registrar coordinates review of course descriptions (at times students may be asked to provide a course outline) with division chairpersons for possible transfer credits. All transcripts must be received within one term or no registration will be allowed for subsequent terms. It is important for students to have transcripts submitted as early as possible to allow evaluations to be completed before registration.

Transcripts may be either sent directly to SUNY Sullivan from the issuing institution or be hand-delivered in a sealed envelope sealed by the issuing institution.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Transfer credit may be accepted from degree-granting institutions that are fully accredited at the collegiate level by their appropriate regional accrediting agency. Courses from non-regionally accredited institutions may also be transferred on a case-by-case basis.

Students with college credit from colleges outside the U.S. must have a course-by-course commercial evaluation from an accredited company.

Criteria courses must meet in order to transfer:

Reasons why a course will not transfer:

The college will notify students of results of transfer evaluations in writing. Upon receipt of the written evaluation, the student may schedule an appointment with the Director of the Department of Learning and Student Development Services if s/he has questions or wishes to appeal the evaluation.

If after this meeting the student still wishes to appeal, s/he would need to meet with the Division Chairperson of the course(s) in question.

In order to receive a degree from SUNY Sullivan, at least 50% of the credits required for the degree must be earned here (25% for military under Service member’s Opportunity College with a waiver from the Office of the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs).