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To create a new category click Full Grade Center (or Course Grades) under the Grade Center Menu.

When you get into the Grade Center, hover over manage and click on Categories.

Once there, there will display the list of categories already created. To make a new category, click on Create Category.

In here just add the name and description (optional) for the category.

After that, go back to the Full Grade Center. Enter into the column organization by hovering over the Manage drop down menu. Click on the column organization from the drop down menu.

To change a category for an item in the grade center fill in the checkbox next to the item that you would like to have changed and then click change category to and click on the category of your desire.

To organize your columns in Grade Center find the column you would like to move and place the mouse over the four direction arrow to the left of the column.

Your mouse will turn into that symbol. Click down with your mouse but do not release. Drag the column to the position you want it to be in and then release the mouse to place it there.

Note: You can do this as many times as needed to your columns until they are in the order you want them in.

Press Submit to save changes