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How do I get to xpLor?

xpLor is a content portal. To get to xpLor, you have to go to a content area. It can be in the content directory, or in a specific content piece within it. If you hover over the ‘Build Content’ tab, it will show xpLor under the Mashups category. When you click on xpLor, you’ll be brought into the xpLor app.



Browsing Through Existing Content

In the xpLor dashboard, there is a link labeled “Discover”. If you click on this, you are presented with subjects to search by.


Importing Content from xpLor

Once you have found content you would like to add to your course, you may add it to your course. On the top left, there is a button that’s labeled “Add”. You can either add the course directly into your content folder by pressing the button, or you can add it to a specific place by hitting the arrow located next to the button. Once added, your content will appear in the content section of the specified course.


How to Upload Content to xpLor

You can insert pre-made content or make new content in xpLor.

First, open the xpLor menu by click the arrow to the right of xpLor at the top left of the dashboard.


Next, click on Import/Export status. This will bring you to the import menu.


Then, click on ‘Import new common cartridge’, and choose the file you’d like to upload.


Submit the content to add it to xpLor Library