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SUNY Sullivan courses, whether on campus or online, apply the same standards. The only difference is the method of delivery.

Instructors work with the Coordinator of Instructional Design and Online Learning to ensure that the appropriate technology is being used to reach the stated learning outcomes of the course. The Coordinator provides training, as necessary, allowing faculty to adapt and leverage technology tools to the specific outcomes specified in the course documents. Faculty are required to match their assessment methods with the Measurable Student Learning Outcomes articulated in each course outline each semester.

Distance Learning Process at Sullivan

When instructors have received a recommendation to teach online by the Division Dean, the instructor will meet with the Coordinator of Instructional Design and Online Learning to complete a training program designed for online teaching. The training program is approximately four to five weeks long and the instructor will learn how to set up his/her first class.

The training will cover:

The Outcome of Distance Learning Process

The Coordinator verifies that the instructor has successfully completed the training and has his/her course created in a practice environment. An email will be sent to the Vice President of Academics, the Division Dean, and the faculty member stating that the faculty member has been approved to teach via distance learning.

Review of Online Class

Division Deans have full access to monitor online teaching through permissions in the LMS. Students evaluate faculty and course effectiveness at the end of each semester. The results are tabulated and compared with results from courses offered on campus. Based on the findings, the Division Dean and their respective faculty determine a course of action, if necessary, to make improvements.

Technical Support and Pedagogy

The Coordinator of Instructional Design and Online Learning is the primary contact and support person when developing and teaching an online course. The Coordinator works with faculty to set up a course development schedule, establish consultation checkpoints, and instill distance learning pedagogy. The Coordinator supports and helps produce a well-designed online, hybrid, or web-enhanced course on schedule according to project deadlines and standards for consistency and instructional design.

The Coordinator makes sure that faculty are well-trained, well-informed, and well-prepared to teach and manage their course in the SLN/LMS online environment.

For a list of our online programs, visit Open SUNY.

For technical support, contact:

Dr. Shirley Sinacore
Coordinator of Instructional Design and Online Learning
845-434-5750 ext. 4458