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After importing your courses  you will need to check if your course GradeCenter imported correctly. Or to set up your GradeCenter for the first time follow these steps.

To do this, first go into the course you need to work in then go into the Grade Center and click Full Grade Center


Review/Create Categories

In the next screen under Manage, you will see Categories. Click that to take you to the category page.



You will be taken to a list of your categories in the course. Check to see if your categories match your course outline. If they do not then click Create Category.


Add the Category Name and Description. Student will not see anything here. Submit when done. 

After you add all your categories or your categories are correct click OK at the bottom of the page to go back to grade center.

Aligning Grade Center Columns to Categories

Next go back into the Grade Center and look again under Manage then click on Column Organizations.



Scroll down on the new screen to see your assignments. Look for assignments that have no categories aligned to them or the assignments that were in the wrong category by looking at the name of the column and the category next to it. 


If there are courses that are not aligned correctly check the check box left of the name and change the category to the appropriate one by selecting the new category in the Change Category To.. menu.


To organize your columns drag and drop them into the desired spot using the four way arrows to the right of the check boxes.

Once finished Click Submit to keep changes or Cancel to go back and keep no changes. 


NOTE: Look for assessments you are no longer using. You may want to delete from your course in order to be removed from the grade center.

If there are items that you don’t want or need, delete those columns in Full Grade Center. Find the assignment column and click the chevron to the right of the assignment to get a menu. Then click delete column and the assignment is removed from your course.

Note:If there is not a delete option contact your Teaching and Technology Center. 



 After that, while in the Grade Center you can edit the weighted column by clicking the down arrow to the right of weighted total column and go into Edit Column Information.



To set up your weighted total column Click Here


Once your Weighted Total column is correct you are done setting up/checking your GradeCenter.