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**If you are not sure if this column is the correct type for your needs Click Here to see a description of each of the Calculated Column and when you should use them.** 

In the course of your choice and under Grade Center click on Full Grade Center.

Go in the Create Calculated Column drop down menu and click on Average Column.

Total Column

After the page opens, insert a column name and a description for the purpose of the column.

Then insert the Primary Display (usually percentage).

Score– points based

Letter – Alphabetic counterpart to the grade

Text – Displays as numbers but is stored as text

Percentage – percentage based

Complete/Incomplete – No points/percentage just a yes or no

Primary and secondary

You may enter a secondary display, it will only be view-able in the Grade Center in parentheses next to the primary displayed grade.


Next in Include in Average you may choose either All Grade Columns or  Selected Columns and Categories



If Selected Columns and Categories was chosen you go under the Categories to select box choose a category of your choice. Only use columns if your columns are in different categories and you will not be using all the assignments in the respective categories. If that is the case use then individual columns. 


Below that Calculate as Running Total is defaulted to YES. Only change this selection to NO if you do not want the total to be a running total– a total that is continually adjusted to take account of items as they are added.


Running Total

Once that is done click the submit button.



The column will show in your gradebook as the last column and if you have grades in any of the selected columns/categories you will see the current average for each student.


To organize your GradeCenter Click Here                            To Change/Check your Letter Grade Schema Click Here