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NetworkID (Username)- Your network ID on campus is your first account you want to have access to. This allows you to use the computers in the lab and all over campus. Without this account setup you will have very limited access to technology on campus. The Network ID also gives you free digital storage space on campus to store your homework and class files that will not be erased.



  1. Use the account look up tool.
  2. Enter your student ID (Found at the top of your schedule). Contact the registrar to obtain a lost copy.
  3. Your last name.
  4. Your Hometown zip code.
  5. View the Acceptable Use Policy and place a check mark in the box to agree.
  6. Click “Get Network Account” for all your accounts (*This will give you all account login information and passwords for Network ID, Email, and Brightspace.)

Your username and password will be the same for the computers on campus, My SUNY Sullivan and Brightspace. Your email account password will be separate so please remember what you set it to.