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To edit, click Customize on the top right of the retention center page.


To Create a new retention rule, put the cursor on Create Rule and a drop-down menu should appear. From there you can select a rule type.

Course Access Rule can be set to trigger at a specific number of days since the last recorded access to the course.

Missed Deadline Rule can be set to monitor all course deadline and inform you a specific number of deadlines missed over a set period of time or monitor a specific assignment and how many days late the assignment is overdue.

Grade Rule can be set monitor the final grade or specific item and trigger when the grade falls above or below a set grade or average of the class

Course Activity Rule is compared to the class average you specify how many days the student is in a certain percentage either above or below the class average.


After selecting a rule type a new page should appear, enter the Rule Name , then select whether it should be included in the risk table( if yes it will show up in the table as a red dot under a rule type when triggered, if no it will not be in the table but will show up to the right of the table under the “Other information you are monitoring”  section.)

Set the criteria for the rule you are creating.

Click Submit when your done.


Here are a few suggested rules to get you started–

Course Access– for a face-to-face class 7 days, for an online class 2 or 3 days.

Missed Deadline – 1 deadline by one day and to see a problematic pattern 2 or 3 deadlines within a 2 week period depending how heavy your coursework is.

Grades – Track the lowest scoring students as well as failing grades on important assignments. Also track those performing at above average to acknowledge and encourage these students as well.

Course activity – monitoring those who spend less time and those who spend more time than what is average to your class can help you see any correlation between time spent and performance during class and on assignments.