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First go into the Retention Center by clicking the drop down menu Evaluation and then clicking Retention Center.

TheStudents at risk show the students that are currently at risk based on the rules set in place. All the rules you create and include in the risk table will show up under the four different rule types shown along the top of the table. A red dot will appear if one or more rules in that rule type have been triggered.


By clicking on the dot next to the students name in the rule type, you can see a more detailed view of the reasons they are at risk.

All rules triggered in the specific rule type will show up in the pop up box.


To get more information on a certain student click on their name. Doing so will bring you into the Retention Status page. There you can take different types of action to help and reach out to the student.


Click Monitor to be alerted of their actions, the star will turn yellow and they will appear outside of the risk table to the right under the “Students you are monitoring” section as soon as you enter the retention center until you choose not to monitor them anymore. To un-monitor the student just click the monitor button again and the star  will no longer be yellow.


When you click notify you can select the student and/or their observer to send a notification of the rule that has been triggered. You can customize the message or leave it at default.

The Retention Status page also keeps track of the notification history so every email sent will be saved in that section of the page. You can add notes to a students history as well to keep track of any verbal communication between you and student or observer.