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MAT 1004 - Elementary Statistics | Credits 3
Students learn about probability, frequency distributions, mean and standard deviation, the binomial distribution, the normal distribution, hypothesis testing, samples from a finite population, regression and correlation, confidence intervals, and chi-square tests. Prerequisite: DMA 0995 Basic Algebra with a C- or better, or at least one year of NYS high school Regents level mathematics with a 75% or higher on at least one Regents math exam.
DMA 0905 - Review of Basic Algebra | Credits 1
Students review operations with real numbers, solving linear equations and inequalities, graphing linear equations, working with polynomials, and applying algebraic techniques to situation problems. Students who earn at least 70% on the basic arithmetic competency exam and between 50% and 69% on the basic algebra competency exam or the DMA 995 Basic Algebra final exam are eligible for this course. Students who take DMA 0905 must earn a C- or better to satisfy math competency. This course does not apply toward the mathematics requirement for any degree at this institution. This course should be taken in the same semester as MAT 1004 or MAT 1005 if the student needs either of these as a requirement for the major. A student may not drop or withdraw from this course while enrolled in MAT 1004 or MAT 1005.